Baby massage

FalkWould you like to enjoy special moments with your baby and bond even better? Baby massage could be just perfect for you.

Massaging makes your baby feel loved, respected and secure with you. These are basic conditions in a human life. It improves the growth and development of your baby and it decreases discomfort caused by colic and constipation. Baby’s that get massaged regularly can deal better with stress, both in early childhood and later on in life.

So, baby massage offers a lot of advantages and it’s also fun! As much as it relaxes baby it also relaxes mom or dad. The massage I teach is called Shantala Baby massage. It’s a rhythmic and calm massage technique, perfectly suitable for young babies.

The best time to take the class is when your baby is between 6 weeks to 9 months old.

The course is also an opportunity to meet other parents and exchange tips, tops and difficulties. I try to discuss a different theme every lesson, for example what to do about colic, why is baby crying, sleeping (problems) etc.

The baby massage course consists of three lessons of 1 hour and costs € 65. I teach in various locations around Haarlem.

The course is in Dutch. I’m happy to translate every now and then, but it’s easier for you if you have (a bit of) understanding of the Dutch language. If not, you can consider a private course or organize one with a friend.

A private course consists of two lessons, at your house, and costs € 145. Travel expenses within Haarlem are included. Outside of Haarlem I charge 0,19 per kilometer and possible parking costs.


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