Parental Coaching

Is your baby

  • A jumpy or over-stimulated baby?
  • A baby that cries a lot without you knowing why?
  • A baby that wants to be carried around all day?
  • A baby that won’t fall asleep in his own bed?
  • Suffering from colic?
  • Having other kinds of difficulties or problems?

And all the advice you’ve been given didn’t work?

Such things can make you feel pretty insecure or powerless as a parent. Sometimes it can even make it difficult to bond with your baby and negative feelings for your baby can arise.

As a Parental Coach I come to your house and make an inventory of the things you need as a family. Based on that I will give you specific advice on how to improve the problem(s). When needed I will refer you to either a doctor or lactation consultant.

An appointment takes about 2 hours and costs € 85. Often I find one appointment is enough, after which you will start to notice improvements quite quickly.

Julia, mommy of Oscar
“Oscar always wanted to be with me. I walked for hours, carrying him around.  Everytime  I put him to bed, he started crying. I truely love my baby but sometimes I felt desparate. Willeke’s advice really helped.  Oscar sleeps like never  before and occasionally, I even have some time for myself.