About me

The passionate doula, prenatal teacher and birth trauma coach behind the ‘Praktijk voor Geboortecoaching’ is me, Willeke Klerks (1966). I’ve worked for many years at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. Ten years ago, I started to follow my heart and became all the beautiful things I am now. This is where my strength and passion lies and I use these capacities in all my fields of work.

In the past ten years I have already prepared lots of couples for the birth of their baby and as a doula I’ve attended over a hundred births. I’m trained in several additional fields, such as waterbirth, acupressure and homeopathy during labour, spinning baby’s and Rebozo massage.

Giving birth is both physically and emotionally a huge event. It’s got a long-term effect on both you, your partner and your baby. When you feel prepared, supported and aware of the process, then the birth of your baby will be an empowering and loving experience.

It’s my goal to give everyone the preparation and support that fits best. Nothing is ever ‘routine’ for me. I will tune in to you and your wishes and needs. I do so with warm enthusiasm and a great personal involvement. Characteristics that lead to a custom-made care which enable you the opportunity to give birth in the best and most beautiful way possible.



Would you like to know more or are you curious of what I can do for you? Please call or send me a message.