Birth trauma Coaching


Support after your baby is born

According to books and other popular media, after giving birth you are supposed to feel like you are on cloud nine. However, in reality, this is definitely not always the case.
Maternal tears are considered to be ok during the first days after delivery, but if you keep looking back negatively at your pregnancy, delivery and /or post-partum period, you might be suffering from a birth trauma.

Birth trauma is highly personal and comes in many different forms. It can manifest itself directly as bad memories of the birth which trigger negative emotions or more indirectly via symptoms such as fatigue and other physical complaints.

Whenever you try to tell other people about the way you feel, you often get responses such as “but look what a beautiful baby you have” or “my birth was far worse than yours” and you get the feeling that you are not allowed to show negative emotions. Perhaps you even tell yourself that you think you shouldn’t “complain”, because it could have gone much worse. Women often do tell themselves this, but unfortunately this doesn’t help and can actually make it harder to recover. I encourage you to seek support and to start working on your recovery.

The Recovery Consultation

I can help you to recover from your birth trauma through a Recovery Consultation. The Recovery Consultation uses methods based on psychology to harness the plasticity of the brain and your ability to learn and is a gentle and soft way of healing. Talking about your experiences and emotions with a trained coach, who will guide you through the process, helps to create new functional connections in the brain which aids both psychological and physical recovery.

I have experienced that women already notice the first signs of improvement during the Recovery Consultation itself. I will give you guidance to help you to continue your recovery at home before we have a session to follow-up on your progress. The recovery is permanent and you will notice that you have more energy, a sense of control, an increase in well-being and feel more relaxed within your family.


To begin with we will do an intake talk in which we investigate your needs by telephone or e-mail and determine how I can help you. Thereafter, we will make an appointment for a Recovery Consultation at a location of your choice. After 2-3 weeks, we will have a follow-up session by phone to discuss your progress. Often just one consultation is enough to help you to feel better.

Birth Trauma Counselling/Coaching costs € 122,50. This includes the intake by phone or email, one consultation (60-90 minutes) and one follow-up session by phone.

Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover this cost. Sometimes employers are willing to pay for the session(s). If you think this is the case, I can provide you with a receipt.



Do you recover slowly or do you have negative feelings about the birth of your child? Do you have any questions, please contact me.

“A few weeks ago, I approached Willeke because I was not feeling well after a very tough pregnancy with hospitalization and a 20-minute dump delivery. I was very emotional, had to cry a lot and had many physical complaints. Willeke’s therapy promised to make me feel better and ease my pain within one session. Honestly, I had my doubts but since my grief was so raw and I felt quite desperate, I decided to ‘just try’.

The session was very special. I literally felt my brain working. The days after it felt so much lighter. I could hardly believe it myself, but after 2 weeks it felt like I was ‘cured’. I no longer felt sadness, I was able to look at the things that happened without felling any pain. I was able to look back at the beautiful aspects of pregnancy and delivery. It’s a kind of magic. I realized that I cured myself. This has given me so much strength and insights. Asking for Willekes help was the best decision ever!”

“The birth of my baby didn’t go as I had hoped. I suffered from anxiety afterwards and had huge crying fits. I was not happy at all.

After the Recovery Consultation I felt tired and miserable the rest of the day, but when I woke up the next morning there was this feeling of total relief. I felt so much better and lighter. My partner noticed it directly. In the days after the consultation I kept on feeling better every day and now (3 weeks later) I feel fine and my anxieties are almost completely gone.
Willeke, I don’t know how you did it, but it was amazing”

“I struggled with anxiety during my pregnancy and experienced the last part of labour and the moment of birth as traumatic.
Afterwards, I was still full of anxiety. I couldn’t relate to the photos and stories of new mothers who spent hours staring at their babies, filled with love, not dwelling on what had happened during the birth. It was a relief to talk to someone who didn’t expect me to feel or act a certain way. I could share all of my negative feelings with Willeke.”