Mommy Julia

We still have sweet memories of the birth of our daughter Aurelia. Thanks to you, that day is an unforgettable, positive moment in our lives. I think that’s because we had discussed so well beforehand what we would like and would not like during the delivery. Of course you do not know how it ultimately goes. But as a consequence of having discussed several scenarios with you, we did not face any unpleasant surprises. Not even when it turned out to be a caesarean section.

Of course it was a pity that it turned out to be necessary. But I have always felt that good decisions have been taken at the right time. It felt as a logical consequence of all the well-thought-out phases that we had gone through in the past 24 hours of the process. During the contractions you were a huge support for us. Especially for the expectant father. In my opinion, the role for a woman is simply to ‘get through’ – and you were also a fantastic support. But for a partner, it is much more difficult to know what to do. By giving him directions, my partner felt very useful and involved in a very pleasant way. I am very happy that the three of us have been steering for a natural delivery as long as possible. Because I have been through a large part of the normal birth process, I think I could better prepare for my daughters arrival than if that had not been the case. You kept the right balance between distance and can give such a lot of support during the birth without being ‘present’. We both feel we have experienced it more intensively together, because of your presence. It meant that we could fully focus on each other and on the new life. Finally, I am very happy with the photos and videos you made during and after the caesarean section. We could never have done that ourselves. These pics were the answer to the gaps that have been there for me during the operation. It makes Aurelia’s birth even more complete. In short, thank you very much, in our opinion you are a doula as it is meant to be of inestimable value!



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