Testimonials Prenatal Class


Your class was really great. We enjoyed a lot. It was pleasurable to meet all the nice people there. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet and also I want to thank you for the well-thought gift.

Daniela and Rikki

We just want to say it was a lovely class. Thank you!

Nicoleta and Samuele

We want to thank you for all the precious information you gave us during the class! I had a natural delivery, and we were able to do everything as planned. With no use of pain killers and putting into practice all the things you thought us – positions, breathing technique, etc. It was the most strong and beautiful experience we ever lived!
Thanks to you we were able to live this moment in a very natural way and to remain in the ‘green circle’.
We did it the Dutch way!


Both my wife and me are from Germany. We have chosen this prenatal class for all kinds of reasons and we were very satisfied by what Willeke had to offer!
Willeke has a great personality and is an enthusiasm teacher. She gave us all the necessary answers to be prepared for birth in the Netherlands. She has a wide range of experiences, because she is a mum of three children, a professional Doula and a trained childbirth teacher.
The group of the prenatal class was small (six couples) and compact, so everyone got the chance to ask their own questions and get covered with the personal needs. After finishing the class, we felt good prepared and had gained a network with other parents.
I highly recommend Willeke’s class to couples who are looking for good and professional advise and tips for giving birth in the Netherlands. It was great to meet other international couples in a similar situation; we already met with the new born babies to continue our journey!


To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when we walked in the classroom in the morning. But when I came out by the end of the afternoon I felt so encouraged and informed by you, that I even hoped the birth would start that very evening. Such a lot of tools and tricks for partners about how to decrease your wife’s pain during labor. I didn’t know I could mean so much for my wife, so I’m glad you explained.


My partner and I would like to thank you for all you taught us and for all you did. Our midwife recommended your class and it lived up to the expectations. Even more than that! Because the group was small – we were with six couples – there was a lot of focus on every one of our personal circumstances. You even knew all of our names!
You are special and we recommend you with all our heart to anyone expecting a baby.


“Just one afternoon and I feel prepared to take on this ‘job’. I was given tools and information that any woman (or man) should know to give birth to their first child.
I highly recommend the courses to anyone who wants or needs more information than the Dutch midwives are giving and I found Willeke’s class a perfect combination of facts and fun!!”


Everything went well and smooth, I managed the whole process in the average 14 hours. All the information you gave during the class was very useful and helped a lot. My partner’s support and breathing made it all quite bearable. I learned that delivery it is an extremely intense (and beautiful) process! We are super happy that we visited your course.