Prenatal class

buiken samen bevallenLooking for childbirth preparation in English? You’re at the right address!

This one-day class is called “Giving birth in the Netherlands”. It’s an enjoyable and hands-on class to inform you and your partner about having a baby in the Netherlands.

You will learn about the most important aspects of giving birth in general and what to expect from the health system in the Netherlands. Since groups are small (six couples at the max)  I can assure you all your questions will be answered!

Some topics you will learn about:

  • What happens to your body during dilation?
  • What is labour pain and how can you deal with it?
  • How can a partner provide support ?
  • Positions to help dilation go faster
  • Pain relief options in the Netherlands
  • Basic breathing techniques during different stages of labour
  • Possible interventions
  • Dutch habits in childbirth

The best moment to participate is when you’re between 34 and 38 weeks pregnant. These Saturday classes take place once a month, so there’s always a class that fits your due date. I recommend you to register in time, because the number of participants is limited (six couples).

Fee:  195 euro (incl. 21% VAT) per couple. Health insurance often cover (part of) this amount. Included are: coffee, tea, juice, a handout and a lovely lunch at restaurant Koffieduss (one minute walk from the location).

Place: Midwifery and Ultrasound Centre “De Schoot”, Schotersingel 81 zwart in Haarlem.

Time: 10.30 hrs – 17.00 hrs

Do you prefer a private childbirth class in English? Please contact me.


My classes are

  • covered by health insurance
  • recommended by midwives
  • personal (max. 6 couples)

2019 classes

  • August 31
  • September 21
  • November 3 (Sunday!)
  • December 14

Do you have a question or would you like to sign up? Please contact me.

“I found Willeke’s class a perfect combination of facts and fun!! ”

“I was so glad I came. Honest, no-nonsense information, it was so useful during the birth of our beautiful daughter.”

“We are super happy that we visited your course.”

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